The Nurse Champion provides the following support and guidance to the Members:


A review of a health assessment report and navigation of publicly available support and guidance should a Member be invited to contact the Nurse Champion service.

Providing an access point for support and guidance following the Member receiving a referral to a medical specialist by a GP or other typically recognised medical practitioner to:

  • Prepare patients for consultations with a medical specialist with the right questions to ask;
  • De-brief patients following consultations;
  • Provide support about test results and what they mean;
  • Talk through a diagnosis and treatment plan; 
  • Navigate the treatment location options including:
  • NHS provided treatment;
  • “e-referrals” where NHS funded treatment can be delivered in a private hospital
  • Help to book appointments following referral;
  • Guide on general health and wellbeing to support treatment and recovery; and
  • Provide practical support in sourcing medical equipment or accessories to aid recovery or to help the patient cope with their condition.