Experienced, qualified, practising GPs - All HealthHero GPs are experienced practising doctors who, as in their NHS role, adhere to the GMC guidelines on remote prescribing.

Checked by multiple, qualified physicians - The GP raises the prescription, it is then checked by a qualified pharmacist prior to being dispensed.

A full medical history is taken – During the call, the GPs takes a full medical history including any current medication and dosages, allergies, etc. This detail remains on the patient management system, including data relating to any medication prescribed by the HealthHero doctor, so in future consultations, doctors can see previous prescribing history.

Consultation notes are sent to the patient’s own GP - When a prescription is issued, the consultation notes are sent to the patient’s own GP with patient consent. In the rare case that there is a safeguarding or emergency issue, patient data can be shared without consent.