In the United Kingdom: If you are in the UK, we will endeavour to provide you with a GMC registered GP at the time of your consultation, and if they believe a prescription is in your best interests, we will ask you to nominate a local pharmacy to send the prescription to for fulfilment. Alternatively, you'll be offered the choice to have the medication delivered to you in the United Kingdom.

Inside the European Union: If you are in an EU country other than the Republic of Ireland at the time of your consultation, and the GP believes you would benefit from medication, they will explore alternative treatment options such as over the counter medicines from a local pharmacy as a first consideration.

If over the counter medicines are not suitable and you are nearing the end of your stay, it may be more convenient to collect your medication from your local pharmacy on your return.

If the duration of your stay abroad is longer, and at our sole discretion, we may offer to send you a digitally secure electronic ‘cross-border’ prescription for a nominated pharmacy. You must present this prescription to your nominated pharmacy, acting as the intermediary between us and them. Fulfilling an electronic prescription is at the sole discretion of the dispensing pharmacist you present it to, and we are not responsible for any refusal to dispense.


Where a private prescription is issued, please be aware that we will have no knowledge or control over the pharmacy fulfilment charges. We are unable to electronically prescribe any controlled medications outside of Ireland or the UK.

Outside the EU: Due to pharmaceutical laws and regulations we are unable to prescribe if you are outside of the EU, United Kingdom or its Crown Dependencies at the time of your consultation.